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I lead a set of Workshops on topics in scientific programming, including parallelization. My current focus is a four-day Fortran Workshop. Learn more on the Workshops pages.

My coco preprocessor is an implementation of the optional Part 3 of the Fortran standard. It is specifically targeted at Fortran source. Since all coco variables must be declared, it offers some code-correctness advantages over using preprocessors that allow new names to be introduced without declarations. It also has some advantages for Fortran use over preprocessors that target other languages.

My fthreads thread module can help you run your multithreaded Intel Fortran, Compaq Visual Fortran (v. 6.0.A or later) or your Absoft Pro Fortran MP (v. 6.0 or later) programs on those versions of Windows supporting multiple processors. I also have a workshop on the use of fthreads.

Or, you can take advantage of all the modern Fortran examples, available under the Gnu General Public License.

Please see our Fact Sheet, or Email us for more information.

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