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fthreads for MS Windows

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The fthreads module provides the Compaq Visual Fortran v 6 or Absoft Pro Fortran MP v 6 programmer targeting Windows on Intel platforms with a simple, easy to use, yet powerful thread-based programming tool. Familiar synchronization objects, such as barriers, events and mutexs make creating a new parallel solution, or porting an existing one, a straight-forward task. Threads may be organized into teams, and synchronization objects may be restricted to be visible to threads which are members of a team. fthreads supports a tracing facility to provide feedback to the programmer for debugging and tuning purposes.

The fthreads module provides simplified access to the Win32 Thread API for the Fortran programmer. fthreads uses explicit interfaces to all fthreads procedures to maximize compile-time error checking. These explicit interfaces enable optional arguments allowing a high degree of control for the programmer desiring it, yet providing a simple, easy to use interface to the programmer who doesn't need access to every feature. Use of explicit interfaces also means that a programmer may learn the fthreads interface incrementally, producing a working multithreaded program quickly, and tuning and adjusting for best performance as time becomes available to do so.

For a detailed look at fthreads, including information about using fthreads, see fthreads Usage.

For answers to frequently asked questions about fthreads, see our fthreads FAQ.

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fthreads Is Available Under GLPL

fthreads source code is available for download for Compaq Visual Fortran v 6 and for Absoft MP Pro v 6. (A version for Lahey LF95 exists, but it requires a thread-safe run-time environment which Lahey, hopefully, will have Real Soon Now.) The differences in the source code are the kinds supported, and the nonstandard code used to specify the Win32 Thread API calls. An example program is available which demonstrates basic usage.

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Download the fthreads source code for Compaq Visual Fortran v 6 here. fthreads needs the module standard_types for this compiler to compile and link. Project Settings include (under Project | Settings | Fortran):

Download the fthreads source code for Absoft MP Pro v 6 here. fthreads needs the module standard_types for this compiler to compile and link. You may need the latest version of the linker and the kernel32 library. Project Settings include (under Configure | Set Options):

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