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I provide custom software, consulting services, and custom workshops to the high performance computing community. I can port, optimize, modernize, and/or parallelize your numerical application.

I deliver off-the-shelf or customized workshops for Fortran programmers. I have a Modernize, Optimize, & Parallelize workshop designed for the researcher who has a large, successful Fortran 77 application running, and wants to know how the application can be modernized. I have a Parallelization Overview workshop for those who simply want an overview of the possibilities for introducing parallelism to their applications. My workshops include an fthreads workshop designed to get the programmer up and running with a parallel application quickly. Please see my workshops page for more information.

I offer the fthreads library as one of my free software modules for use by those who need to migrate thread-based Fortran programs from other platforms to computers running those versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system which support multiple processors. fthreads provides a supercomputer-style thick binding to the Win32 Thread API.

I also have some free software available under the Gnu licenses, a/k/a "copyleft". You are welcome to any or all of it.

I recently received my PhD in Computational Science from George Mason University. I am currently a consultant in the Consulting Services Group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in the Mesa Lab. I also co-lead workshops organized by Sourcery, Inc.

I have 30 years experience in numerical programming (Fortran 66/77/90/95/2003), and 16 years experience in vector/parallel programming (Fortran/C/C++). I have 30 years experience in technical training and 10 years experience in Federal Procurement. Dan Nagle's Resume is available in PDF format.

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Contact Me Via:

I welcome inquiries about my products or services. When contacting me, please be aware that I am in the Mountain timezone of North America.

For more information, please email us at dannagle@verizon.net.

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