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Modern Fortran Examples

All Our Freely Available Source Code Is Licensed Under the Gnu General Public License.

Please download a copy of the Gnu General Public License.

The source codes for our free Fortran Programs and Modules are covered by the Gnu General Public License. If you do not have a copy, you may download one from this page.


In order to distinguish free form Fortran source files from fixed form Fortran source files, I have chosen to use the ".f90" file name extension for the all Modern Fortran source files. Most compilers accept this convention.

Fortran Interface to pthreads

This module demonstrates some of the uses, and some of the limitations, of the C Interoperability features in the Fortran Standard pthreads Module. This module describes a thin binding, that is, the features of pthreads, as seen by a C programmer, are plainly apparent to the Fortran programmer using this module.

Fortran Inheritance Example

This file demonstrates some of the uses of the Fortran 2003 inheritance features, especially the use of abstract types and deferred procedures. Inheritance Example. This inheritance example shows an abstract type providing features generally required for floating point iteration problems. Another type extends the abstract type for use solving a simple problem. A program uses the second module to compute a heat n-dimensional distribution, given boundary conditions on a line, a square, or a cube.

Fortran Asynchronous Input/Output Example

This file demonstrates a use of the Fortran 2003 asynchronous input/output features to implement a simple software pipeline. Asynchronous Input/Output Example. This asynchronous input/output example program shows a software pipeline as might be useful where calculations should overlap with data transfers.

Parameterized Derived Type Example

This file demonstrates some of the uses of the Fortran 2003 parameterized derived types, this example expresses the type rational module using parameterized derived types. PDT Example. This example uses a PDT to allow definition of variables of type rational using any kind of integer.

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